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You must see this amazing island where you can live like a king or queen on $50 a day

You must see this amazing island where you can live like a king or queen on $50 a day

Imagine waking up to this view every morning…

This is the island of El Nido in the Palawan Islands of the Philippines.

It has some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever encounter. And the far flung island is not only gorgeous but super affordable. I’m talking beachfront bungalows for less than $30 a night.

El Nido is on the northernmost tip of the main island of Palawan. It’s also one of Asia’s best-kept secrets.

The jaw-dropping views and friendly locals, make it worth every minute. The ocean is crystal clear. The beaches are white and empty, and the ocean is home to coral reefs. And from El Nido you can escape to the Bacuit archipelago, a group of islands with steep karst cliffs.

Would you want to vacation here? 

I know, I would! But your first thought is probably how would I make it happen? How much will it cost me?

We get conditioned to believe remote, beautiful destinations, like this, must be expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be! It’s not only possible to travel on a budget, but to live a life of luxury.

I want to introduce you to the idea of geoarbitrage…

The concept comes from economics, but fortunately is very easy to understand. Geoarbitrage is taking advantage of differences in cost of living between two places. For example, you could earn money in a place with a high standard of living and spend in a place with a lower standard.

You may have done this before without even knowing it. Have you taken a job in a city where the rent is cheaper? Or headed to the next town over because its grocery store and gas prices are lower?

On a global scale, travelers do this all the time. If you work in Canada, USA or Western Europe and travel to South East Asia your spending power can double or triple. This make the Philippines and El Nido the ideal destination for ballin’ on a budget!

This incredible treehouse is less than $600 a month and located along the picturesque shores of El Nido. What if you could trade in your rent to live here?

Food could run you a $10-15 a day, including succulent, fresh seafood. Hitting the beach is free and you can book activities for as little as $5.  

All in, you can vacation in El Nido for less than $50 a day with all the amenities and fun you could need.

The beautiful thing is, the Philippines has 7,000+ gorgeous and very cheap islands in the South China Sea. No wonder, tourism is on the rise across the country! But, don’t worry there are thousands of islands worth exploring.

Keep reading…now that you know about this beautiful island, I’ve created a DETAILED (free!) cheat sheet to help you find your next destination…

My wish is for you to travel nonstop without breaking the bank. Instead, you’ll geoarbitrage your way around the world like a pro.

El Nido isn’t the only great destination for making your money stretch. I’ve compiled a list of my 5 favorite destinations to make your money go further. You’ll be able to live like a king or queen for a massive discount. Click here now to get that list!

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