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3 Travel Hacks to Get Free Stuff from Airlines

3 Travel Hacks to Get Free Stuff from Airlines

When you pay for a flight, do you feel like the airline is trying to take ALL your money. And then some. They want you to pay for baggage, leg room, early check-in… Soon they will be charging you for that oxygen mask. Not to mention they give you a bag of pretzels and call that a “snack.”

Flying isn’t what it used to be.

But, it doesn’t have to be all bad. With a little savvy you can beat the airlines at their own game. Overbooked, delayed and crowded airports don’t have to be the bane of travel. In fact, they could be your literal first class ticket out of coach.

These three travel hacks will help you get free stuff from the airlines and jet set around the world.

Hack #1: Volunteer your seat to get a free travel voucher

Airlines often ask for volunteers to give up their seats on overbooked flights. But, you don’t have to do this out of the kindness of your heart. For the inconvenience of taking a different flight, you’ll get handsome rewards.

Compensation could include travel vouchers, meal vouchers and overnight accommodation, if necessary. For giving up my seat on a flight, I got $500 towards a future flight, two $25 meal vouchers and a they paid for my hotel.

Here’s the best way to increase your odds of being on an overbooked flight that offers perks:

  • Travel at a peak time, like before a holiday, when people are less willing to change their travel plans
  • Arrive early at the airport and let the airline rep or kiosk know you’re willing to get bumped

Once they are looking for volunteers, don’t feel compelled to take the first offer. Don’t volunteer too early. They may low-ball, so make an offer back.

One flyer received an insane $10,000 travel voucher for her troubles! She’s definitely the exception, but shoot for the moon. Ask for $500 or $800 to give up your seat. And ask them to throw in some meal vouchers, lounge passes or seat upgrades while they’re at it.

Hack #2: Be kind and take every freebie the airline offers

Gimme whatcha got! Yes, airlines have tons of free stuff, you just gotta ask for it.

The first part of this hack is goes a long way. Flight attendants are dealing with grumpy people in a dusty metal tube all day. They have access to all the stuff on the plane, so getting on their good side can be the golden ticket.

When you get on the plane, give them a genuine hello and if you can be helpful in getting others settled, do so. If you want to go the extra mile, bring them some chocolate or other small gift. And while you’re waiting for a bathroom, strike up a conversation with them.

At check-in, ask about seat upgrade options. On the plane, you can fill up on beverages and snacks. And if there’s a meal, don’t be shy about asking for seconds. They’ll also fill up your water bottle if you ask.

You can also ask for a comped glass of wine or cocktail for small inconveniences. For instance, a delayed flight, giving up your seat to someone or a broken seat.

Hack #3: Get what’s owed to you

Almost any inconvenience could be a path to getting free stuff. Besides weather delays, which won’t get you money, everything else is fair game.

Is your headphone jack broken? Was your flight delayed two hours? Did the airline forget to send your kosher meal? Was the Wi-Fi down? Ask for compensation from the airline. This could be in the form of money, perks or miles.

And, if the delay was maintenance or crew-related you’re entitled to compensation. They’re obligated, especially if it ruins your travel plans. But, they won’t volunteer to give you what’s owed. You will need to ask, negotiate and follow up.

For baggage delays the airline owes you for needed items you have to buy before it’s returned. They also owe you a stipend of $50 per day your luggage was missing, depending on the situation. If you paid to check your bag, also ask for that money back.

Play your cards right and you might earn enough money from the airlines to take your next trip on their dime.

We’re just getting started… I’ve created a CAN’T MISS, free cheat sheet with 60 ways to get free stuff when you travel…

My wish for you is for you to live out your dreams and never go broke because of it. And, not letting a little brokeness stand in your way either.

So if you’ve been wondering how it’s done and want to create a jet-setting life for yourself, here’s how. Click here now to get that guide!

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