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#1 Secret to Saving Money When You Travel Anywhere in the World

#1 Secret to Saving Money When You Travel Anywhere in the World

Imagine going on an all-expense paid trip each time you go on vacation. That’s right, what would if feel like to not foot the bill for your trip?

What if you could take me-time and explore things that you’re passionate about?

Imagine being able to relax on vacation and never worry about money before, during or after your trip.

I want to share with you exactly how to do all these things and more. When I first planned my travels I didn’t have much money. I had to learn how to do things on a budget, without compromising on the experience that I wanted to have.

I’ve used every trick in the book. From budget airlines to homeshares, loyalty program and travel packages. After many years and many miles, I found a consistent formula. Using these shortcuts I travel around the world, including Japan, Greece and Argentina. And I spend, hundreds instead of thousands of dollars.

The foundation and secret to success: cashing in on credit card rewards.

Have you’ve ever felt frustrated because:

  • Traveling is too expensive. Every time you want to take a trip, one look at the prices makes you ready to give up and keeps you at home.
  • You find yourself waiting for your time to arrive. You’re always saying “someday” I’m going to get around to traveling, but someday never arrives.
  • Let me help you remove the frustration of not having the money for the life you want. Let’s talk about my number one secret to saving money when you travel anywhere in the world.  

To get on the free travel train, you need a travel rewards credit card. Rewards are THE way to start earning free travel. Not getting a good rewards card, leaves free flights, hotels and a free vacay on the table.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you what credit card rewards can do.

Using credit card rewards, I’ve received:

  • Free flights from the U.S. to Australia and Fiji
  • Two weeks worth of free nights at the W Hotel
  • More than $5,000 in cash

Would any of those be of interest to you?

The best part is, it doesn’t take years to accumulate rewards. You can receive a lot of points through sign up bonuses and special offers. These will jumpstart your earning. With a signup bonus alone, you can get enough for a free domestic flight.

Over a period of a few short months, I accrued thousands of miles that let me travel for FREE. But here’s the catch… You may know from first hand experience that you can’t get these results by “winging it.” You need a strategy.

Here’s Your Travel Rewards Strategy

  1. Apply for a reward credit card now to start accumulating points toward free travel.
  2. Pick a card with at least a 20,000 signing bonus and waived annual fee.
  3. Cash in on your current spending by getting rewards for routine purchases. Pay for everything with the cards and only use cash when  necessary.
  4. Sign up for free dining programs to receive extra points when you eat out. And, shop online using credit card mileage malls to earn twice the points on your purchases.
  5. Pay off the balance every month to avoid accruing interest that will negate your free points.
  6. Space applications and account closings several months to prevent damage to your credit.
  7. There’s no wrong way to pick, it depends on your preference. With responsible use (that means paying your cards off!) you’ll earn free stuff fast.

Rewards can also get you room upgrades, travel insurance, free checked bags. Plus perks like free access to Trusted Traveler programs or airport lounges. You can pick between a general card or a branded one. General cards earn rewards you can use anywhere (I’m a fan of the Chase Sapphire Reserve).

What’s next…

DO THIS ⚡ Review these lists on Nerdwallet and to find a card that fits your credit level. Then apply! 

If you’re thinking… Natasha I’m still not sure how or where to start with credit card rewards, don’t worry! I got you…

I’m sure you want to know how tell a good card from a bad offer. And you’re wondering how to get points that you can actually redeem into rewards, and FAST. Perfect! I’ve created a step-by-step guide for you. It show you how to earn points fast and turn them into free vacations.

I’m going to show you how to do all this and how to do it in a way that is simple and won’t harm your credit. Click here now to get that guide!

Natasha co-hosts the No Foreign Lands podcast, and has yet to meet a carb she didn't like. She hails from the Pacific Northwest, a.k.a., home of the best seafood, the best apples and the best ode to booty ever. Natasha doesn't believe in snow or too much hot sauce. While she's usually too busy living inside a moment not taking pictures to save it, you can sometimes find her on the net @heynatashaboo.

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